Launching a New Series

I am diversifying the offerings on my blog to science topics. My training is as a biologist and I have 4 years of experience at the bench. My purpose in this series to educate the public about the fascinating work happening in labs today, the scientific method, and the history of science we stand up on now.

Photo of scientist working in lab.
Scientist using pipet in lab. (Photo credit: mwooten)

Science literacy is lacking in the United States. Too many people do not have a sufficient command of the scientific method. It may seem irrelevant to those not working in the lab; nothing could be further from the truth. Science education provides facts to understand the world and, more importantly, imparts a systematic way of thinking to appreciate and even command new situations.

My series of map studies is not ending, I will weave the two lines together. Your interest and support heretofore has been an inspiration and I am eager to continue the journey with you.

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