Back From Vacation

Hi all!, I hope you’re having a great summer and winter for my readers down under!

I have been working on quite a few projects and want to share some exciting developments.

Chicago International Map Fair

The Chicago International Map Fair selected me to present at their fourth annual Fair at the end of October! My presentation, Mountain Tall, River Long: Comparative Views Come to Life will focus on the history and charm of comparatives.

Interview with Dorothy Raphaely

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dorothy Raphaely, a colorist, on her work for my interview series. This piece is coming soon.


Have you heard of Coursera? For the uninitiated, it’s a platform offering free courses (or low cost to get a certificate of completion) from big name university professors. I took an infographics course in June by Karl Gude, an excellent professor at Michigan State University. The syllabus covered concept development and planning, choosing content, selecting photos, graphing, and mapping. 

I’d like to bring you more analytic images; I’ll put what I learned to good use.

By the way, I also learned to use Plotly, which I will use to develop graphs for this site.

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