Three Blogs You Need to Read Now

Living in the blogosphere I’m always interested in a good read and to see what other bloggers are doing. Here are a couple blogs to share.

History of Ideas
JF Ptak’s History of Ideas Blog is a fascinating trip back in time studying interesting and often obscure topics. Not strictly maps, it’s still a great read and often covers them. Associated with his bookstore, Ptak keeps it updated regularly.

Maps And Art
Maps and Art is the blog of a gallery by the same name located in Florida. Many of the posts are short, but they are insightful and usually link to other authoritative resources. Updated periodically.

All Over The Map
A new blog from National Geographic and authored by the writers who brought us Map Lab at Wired magazine, All Over The Map is a bit of an unknown quantity. Based on their previous work, however, and the posts to date, it looks like it will be a keeper.

I hope you’ll take a look at these blogs. Tell me what you think and let me know your favorites.

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